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1. New decision regarding hiring process  
The Tribunal has recently ruled that the Ville de Québec in collaboration with Groupe Santé Medisys inc. has discriminated against a man during the hiring process. Read the…  
2. Press releases 2023  
Press Releases To consult Press Releases, refer to the French version.  
3. Appointment  
Mtre Gabriel Babineau is appointed assessor at the Tribunal for a five years term.  
4. Forms and Guides  
Procedure before the Tribunal The Plaintiff must file an Application to Institute Proceedings at the Office of the Court of Quebec (the greffe) in the judicial district where the Defendant lives…  
5. Articling – Barreau du Québec  
Candidates interested in articling at the Tribunal have until December 21th to submit their applications. For more details.  
6. Members and Staff - Members and Staff  
Members and Staff Composition The Human Rights Tribunal consists of at least seven members appointed by the government, namely a president chosen from among the judges of the Court of Québec and…  
7. New President at the head of the Tribunal  
Justice Madeleine Aubé starts her term as President of the Human Rights Tribunal. She succedes Justice Ann-Marie Jones, who presided the Tribunal from September 1st, 2014 to September 1st, 2022.  
8. Appointments  
The Honourable Johanne Gagnon and the Honourable Catherine Pilon are appointed judges at the Tribunal for a two year termas of September 1st, 2022.  
9. New decision regarding racial profiling  
The Tribunal has recently ruled that the Repentigny Police Service racially profiled a Black man while conducting random stops. Read the decision (in French only) Read the press release (in…  
10. Pamphlet "The Human Rights Tribunal: How to assert your Rights?", 2022 edition  
The 2022 edition of the pamphlet The Human Rights Tribunal: How to assert your Rights? is now available on the Tribunal's website.  
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