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21. Press Releases - Judgments  
The press releases regarding the following judgments are now available (French only) : Amer c. Bédard-Lafrance (September 24th, 2021) CDPDJ (M.R.) c. Société de transport de Montréal…  
22. Members and Staff - Members and Staff  
Members and Staff Composition The Human Rights Tribunal consists of at least seven members appointed by the government, namely a president chosen from among the judges of the Court of Québec and…  
23. Directives - Directives  
Directives Directive for the Electronic Filing ot Authorities Directive concernant les échéanciers  
24. Appointments  
The Honourable Sophie Lapierre and the Honourable Sylvain Meunier are appointed judges at the Tribunal for a two year term.  
25. Directive concernant les échéanciers  
The new Directive concernant les échéanciers (French only) is now in effect.  
26. Renewal of mandate  
The term of the Honourable Magali Lewis as judge at the Tribunal is renewed for two years.  
27. Appointment  
Mtre Monique Rousseau is appointed assessor at the Tribunal for a five years term.  
28. Reappointment  
The term of Mtre Carolina Manganelli as assessor at the Tribunal has been renewed for five years.  
29. Procedural Form  
Publication of a new Application to Institute Proceedings procedural form.   
30. 2020 Annual Report  
Publication of the Human Rights Tribunal's Rapport d'activités 2020 (French only).  
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